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Top Integrate Posts of 2015

Top posts of 2015 - Integrate (1)

2015 is almost behind us, along with over 60 posts on integration – from data quality to middleware migration. We have sorted through all of that content and pulled together the list of your top 10 favorites.

10 | 5 Leading-Edge Releases from Informatica in 2015

Check out Informatica’s top 2015 releases announced at their Informatica World conference in May. Did your organization implement any of these Informatica products this year?

9 | SOA and API Management

How do SOA and API management fit together in your digital strategy? They can complement one another, and each brings its own benefits to your enterprise.

8 | Lessons Learned from the Government’s Cloud-First Strategy

Perficient’s head of SOA and Integration Solutions, Eric Roch, analyzes the government’s transition to the cloud along with some of the barriers to success.

7 | LinkedIn Data Integration with Informatica

Take a look at this infographic highlighting the results LinkedIn experienced after partnering with Perficient to implement Informatica’s ETL solution.

6 | Faster Than Light

TIBCO FTL stands for “faster than light” and brings some important, distinctive benefits to your business.

5 | OSGi on Enterprise Portals

OSGi on Liferay 7 drives digital transformation on both the developer side and the business side of your enterprise through versioning and reuse, dynamic updates, reduced complexity, and transparency.

4 | Driving Digital Transformation in Retail with APIs

Explore the ways APIs can increase your digital sales in a predicted $327 billion market in 2016.

3 | Build Up Core Strengths for Your API Strategy

Pilates and API management have more in common that you may think, and that overlap is key to the success of your API strategy.

2 | How to Set Up SOLR and Integration with JBoss

This tutorial walks you through the steps to install and configure SOLR and integrate it with the JBoss AS 7 application server.

1 | Unplug Your Legacy ESB

The number one post of 2015 walks through the necessity of retiring legacy ESBs and the benefits in moving to modern integration architecture. Be sure to look out for the upcoming whitepaper illustrating best practices for migrating from legacy middleware in early 2016!

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Alexandra is a Marketing Manager for middleware and systems solutions at Perficient.

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