Handling Authentication Pop-Up While Running Automation Script

When running an Automation Script in the client VDIs, the most commonly faced issue is the display of an Authentication Dialog pop-up. If the user fails to enter the Authentication data’s in the pop-up displayed, the requisite Script halts its execution. The display of this proxy message cannot be controlled via Automation tools as it cannot handle the popups emerging from the site other than the Application under Test (AUT).

It also emerges out to be a tedious task for the user to enter the credentials every time the script runs.


The most feasible solution for fixing this problem is by inculcating any one of the following methods in order to bypass the occurrence of the Authentication dialog box.

  1. Appending the username & password in the Website that is under test would help overcome the Authentication pop-up.

  1. The other method is by entering the user credentials at the end of the website followed by a question mark.

The above mentioned methods can be entered in the Script while passing the Website’s URL or also can be fed in as an excel parameter in case the Project follows a Data Driven-Framework/ Hybrid Framework.


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