Creating keystore and configuring JDeveloper for Fusion Services

Certificate Details

Create keystore using Oracle fusion public certificate

In order for the client to authenticate to Fusion services, the server-side certificate needs to be obtained and added as a trusted certificate entry to a keystore used by the client. Public certificate for Fusion can be obtained by navigating the Fusion services WSDL in the browser.

View Certificates using IE

Certificates can be viewed using the View Certificates link shown in the above image.

Certificate Details

This certificate can be imported by clicking on the Install Certificate button

Certificate Import Wizard
Certificate Import Wizard
Certificate Import Wizard

Now export the certificate to by navigating to Internet options -> Content -> Certificates

Export Certificate

Click on the Export button and use Certificate Export Wizard to export the certificate.

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Export Certificate Wizard

Export Certificate Wizard

Import Oracle Certificate File to KeyStore

Keytool utility is used to import a certificate file in to a Keystore. Keytool utility will be available in the JDK bin folder.

Generating Keystore using Keytool

keytool -importcert -alias orakey -file c:\certificatefile.cer  -keystore  c:\oracle-keystore.jks -storepass keystorepassword

Generating Keystore using Keytool
Now, you can see a new keystore file being created in the location mentioned.

Keystore Created

Configure Client Keystore in JDeveloper

Open JDeveloper Studio -> Tools -> Preferences

JDeveloper Preferences Option

Select Credentials in the left pane and set the values for Client Trusted Certificate Keystore and Client Trusted Keystore Password.

Enter Credentials in Preferences

With this we are now ready to integrate our application with Oracle Fusion Services using JDeveloper Studio.

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