The Top 10 Perficient Microsoft Blogs of 2015

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shutterstock_211054360_350As we complete the last full work week of 2015 I thought it would be interesting to look back at our Microsoft blogs over the course of the year. Here are the top 10 Microsoft blogs for 2015 (do you see a pattern?):

  1. Office 365 – Using the New PST Import Service
  2. Office 365 – Azure AD Sync: Did You Know?
  3. How to Make Parent-Child Lists and Forms in SharePoint 2010
  4. Manually Configuring Outlook for Office 365 (Exchange 2013)
  5. Office 365 – DirSync Password Sync: Did You Know?
  6. Office 365 – Common Exchange Online Hybrid Mail Flow Issues
  7. Office 365 – Configuring AD FS & DirSync with an Alternate Login
  8. Office 365 – Dynamic Distribution Groups in Exchange Hybrid
  9. Office 365 – How to Update Address Lists in Exchange Online
  10. InfoPath and SharePoint 2013 – Upgrading Your Forms

I am looking forward to seeing what topics spark the most interest in 2016 but I’m sure it will center around improving communication and collaboration … most likely in the cloud. Happy, almost, New Year!

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