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The Year in Review | Top 10 Consumer Markets Posts of 2015

Top 10 Consumer Markets Posts
As we are deep into prime shopping season, we’d like to take a moment to look back at the extraordinary year 2015 has been. With mobile, personalization, security and digital disruption, there was no shortage of change in the industry. Here were our top ten posts of the year:

Ten | 4 Lessons in Digital Disruption for Retailers

As retailers continue to become more acquainted with digital disruption, we discussed four of the biggest takeaways for finding your way through the world of digital transformation.

Nine | Digital Transformation for Retailers (Part 2 of 5): Why?

In part two of this five part series, we went into depth about the why digital transformation is important for all brands and retailers.

Eight | 2015 Consumer Markets Trend: Cybersecurity / Retail Fraud

Cyber attackers hacked into over 61 million records during 2014 and was a big focus for retailers and financial institutions throughout 2015.

Seven | 2015 Consumer Markets Trend: Mobile

Mobile quickly took it’s place in the spotlight this year as mobile first moved front and center the consumer markets industry.

Six | Digital Transformation for Retailers (Part 1 of 5)

Part one of this series focused on the connected consumer and and how digital technology is changing the relationship between consumers and retailers in substantial ways.

Five | 2015 B2B Commerce: Optimizing the B2B Experience to match B2C Expectations

The days of printed catalogs and armies of account execs are quickly moving behind us. B2B organizations are establishing online channels and focusing on growing online sales to maximize revenue.

Four | 2015 Consumer Markets Trend: Infusing Technology

Technology has proven itself to be a great way to drive both service and convenience for consumers. Combining digital experiences with our physical world played a big role in retail this year and the possibilities continue to grow.

Three | The next big thing in eCommerce…Grocery!

Technology has transformed the way that we purchase products and services and it’s newest target is your local grocery store.

Two | 2015 Consumer Markets Trend: The Experience

Emotions play a big part in the shopping journey which is why the experience of shopping continues it’s evolution.

One | 2015 Consumer Markets Trend – Personalization

Technology can be cold, but personalization makes it…well…personal. In our top post of the year, we took a deep dive into how to how to take advantage of personalization to improve the consumer markets business.
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