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Turn “off” persistent connection between local chained services

I have seen at most of the places that while configuring the objects on Data Power, we just configure the standard properties and leave others as is with default values without knowing their significance.

But sometimes this ignorance might lead us to face some critical issues that might be very hard to troubleshoot. I suggest trying to understand each property behavior and configure the values accordingly based on the use-case.

Here is the use-case I wanted to cover:

Persistent connections settings between local chained services within the same DataPower device.


An example would be two Multi-Protocol Gateways (MPGWs) communicating with each other in same device.

Where MPGW A is the client and MPGW B is the server. If MPGW B determines that the persistent connection should be closed while MPGW A is sending another request the winner will be the close issued by MPGW B. This would result in MPGW A throwing a failure.


Disable persistent connections in the back end of MPGW A via the Advanced tab and then disable persistent connection in the front side handler of MPGW BThis will ONLY affect the connections between these two chained services and not external connections.

External clients and servers to the device can continue to benefit from persistent HTTP connections, but any local, internal, appliance connections should not have persistence enabled where possible.

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