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The Year in Review | Top 10 EIS Posts of 2015

Top 10 EIS Posts of 2015

It’s been a busy year in the Enterprise Information Systems space. With over 75 posts this year, our in-house experts found themselves face to face with big changes and an abundance of great information to share. We sifted through that content and present to you the Top 10 EIS posts of 2015.


Ten |  Implementing Cognos ICM at Perficient

Internally, Perficient was dealing with a growing amount of revenue and payments and chose to use Cognos Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). This post explains why we chose it and how we went about implementation.


Nine | IT (Operational) Vs. BT (Business Technology) Investments

In 2015, business spending continued its shift toward a customer focus with operational spending in decline. This post talked about the importance of investing in the customer experience.


Eight | Will Spark Replace Hadoop?

There was much discussion over whether Apache Spark would replace Hadoop. This post discusses the question you should really be asking about data.


Seven | Thanks Godfrey Sullivan, First Ballot Hall of Famer

Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan announced that he would be handing over the CEO reins to Doug Merritt.

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Six | NoSQL NoSecurity – Security issues with NoSQL Database

NoSQL database are highly scalable, provide great performance, and store and process large amounts of data at high speeds. This post discusses one big concern: security.


Five | Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Oh My!

This post investigated how an enterprise should proceed when Hadoop is no longer the only option.


Four | Oracle BI Cloud Service: How to migrate from Test to Production

When you find yourself with a fully functional system on the Test instance, you may want to migrate everything to production. This post shows you how to do that.


Three | The End of IT?

The stars seem to be aligning for the infrastructure as code paradigm to be widely adopted. If self-healing and elf-correcting systems are possible, does that mean the end of IT?


Two | How to Customize OBIEE 11g Error Messages

The default error messages are tailored for IT rather than business users. This post explains how to customize these for easier comprehension


One | Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS): Data Sync for Automated Data Load

In April, Oracle released Data Sync, a utility that facilitates the process of loading data from various on-premise sources into BI Cloud Services. In this post, we shared the three main steps to follow when designing data loads in Data Sync.




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