Guide: 12 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy CMS to Sitecore

Some may go for the 12 days of Christmas this time of year. Personally, I prefer the 12 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy CMS to Sitecore.
Here are just five of the issues organizations deal with in regards to a legacy Content Management System (CMS) system.

  1. Your CMS cannot keep up with increasing customer expectations
  2. Your marketing team is driving change to be more responsive and interact with  customer needs
  3. You don’t have the analytics you need to understand and reach your customers
  4. You face new competition from other businesses, technologies, or products
  5. You have noticed a loss of customers, decreased web traffic sales, or decreased customer satisfaction scores

Click on the image to view the full infographic and download the guide to learn even more.
This guide presents 12 indisputable signs your CMS may be failing to help meet your business objectives.

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