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Survey: CFOs see need for more Cloud EPM

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According to a 2015 Oracle survey of CFOs, the need for cloud-based performance management solutions continues to grow. Sixty-five percent of the finance executives surveyed listed the primary motivation for choosing a cloud-based EPM solution was to get up and running quickly. Fifty-three percent respondents said their primary motivation was to avoid large upfront investments and fixed capital investments.
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The results are consistent with trends listed in Perficient’s recent guide on the transformation of performance management, where it was noted: “CFO concerns about cash flow and ROI may be greater than ever. With cloud,CFOs enjoy the advantage of an “Opex” (operational expense) approach, without the upfront hardware, software, and other costs of a “Capex”(capital expense)model. The EPM system becomes a predictable, recurring budget item.”

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Image source: Oracle, Enterprise Performance Management Top Trends

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