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Anyone being truthful would say change isn’t always fun or desired. In today’s world of constant change and improvements, it’s inevitable that we find a way to adjust. Think of the last time the plant / facility / operations received some new critical assets; did things change? Of course they did, and hopefully to increase production capabilities; no matter what your goods or services are. Now that you’ve made a change, now what?

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One of the keys to success is that management and others within the department share an understanding, responsibility and accountability for this change. If management is going down a different path, things don’t work. So how do you get back in sync? Work culture and the new capital improvement project must be planned and deployed together. You can successfully roll out the new equipment but you also need to adjust the work culture and focus. The new equipment most likely will required changes in procedures and work required, thus working together is key.

Our leaders have a big impact on how we adjust to a culture change like this. Communication, education and team work help ensure successful changes are implemented and improvements can be observed. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions like IBM Maximo are a great way to keep track of the equipment, work performed and analytics to predict future failures. Only people can help people change and become better. Once change is initiated, who’s measuring the success and maintaining success in the future?

– How can you manage your most critical assets in an environment that is sustainable?
– How well does your EAM reflect your culture, your focus, in a positive way?
– How does your culture sustain/improve value for your EAM?


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