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Get Your PPC Account Ready for Holiday

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Is your PPC account optimized for the impending visibility and traffic increase? Here’s a nice checklist to help make sure you set yourself up for success this year.
RLSA (Remarketing in Search) Bidding
Increase your bids for visitors who have been to your site before. With the increase in searches, you want to maximize the efforts of your budget by making sure you show more often for the audience that converts the best.
If your remarketing audience is large enough, it may also be a good idea to create a separate campaign that only targets your past visitors. In this case, you would have two identical campaigns – one targeting all users, one just targeting your remarketing list. If your budget is limited, you can ensure that all past visitors will always see your ad, and you’ll save money on those who have never been to your site before (and are less likely to convert).
Display Ads
Increase your brand awareness during the time when people are trying to think of new ideas for gifting. Get in front of a new audience to increase your customer base to those who didn’t even think to look for you.
Remarketing Display Ads
Remarketing audiences include people who have already visited your site once. Who knows why they didn’t purchase, but make sure to remind them that you exist and give them another chance to complete that purchase. Maybe you could even entice them to come back with a special offer in your remarketing ads!
Dynamic remarketing ads are another option that actually show the specific products that a visitor has recently viewed, which makes the ad even more relevant to the user. These are a great way to remind users to come back and purchase the items they were previously interested in.
Dynamic Search
If you’re looking to increase your visibility and have a lot of varying products, try a dynamic search campaign. This allows you to target landing pages instead of specific queries which widens your audience and potentially allows you to reach qualified traffic you’re not already targeting.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ad Extensions
Adwords now offers structured snippet headlines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Utilize these extensions to communicate additional information about your special offers or store’s holiday hours.
Understand your own business by looking at trends from last year. Look at past performance to determine which days brought in the most revenue so you can be ready ahead of time for them. Notice when the holiday traffic started picking up – it might have been earlier than you think! Plan your promotions around not only the big days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but also the days that were big for your specific business. Maybe your customers act slightly different than the masses. Increase budgets and keyword targets accordingly.

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