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CFO Magazine, Gartner Agree on Cloud EPM Value

“The CPM suite market is shifting toward cloud-based solutions that deliver a shorter time to value and improved ease of use.” – Gartner gartner cfo2

If there’s any doubt that corporate performance management (AKA enterprise performance management, or EPM) has a future in the cloud, think again. Most of the buzz from industry and corporate events has centered on the shift, both long-term and short-term, towards a fluffy white solution in the sky. As highlighted in our new guide, Performance Management Transformed, Oracle’s Muthu Ranganathan believes that “CFOs and CIOs have come to the point where they can’t avoid recognizing its many benefits.”

Besides the C-level recognition, other corporate finance professionals are getting on board and moving away from Excel and similar spreadsheets. A recent CFO Magazine survey concluded, “Although a smaller number (of management accountants) are using cloud technology to support EPM activities, they expressed the highest overall level of satisfaction among all technologies considered as well as the highest level of satisfaction for supporting financial close and disclosure activity and business intelligence.”

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