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2015 Midwest Business & IT Executive Summit: Oracle Cloud HCM

The 2015 Midwest Business & IT Executive Summit is underway, and this year’s speakers are focused on analytics, big data, cloud, cybersecurity, ERP, HCM, and customer experience.

The summit, hosted by the Central States Oracle Applications User Group (CSOAUG), brings together executives, managers and business leaders to share information on business and technology best practices, solutions and challenges in their industries.

Here are some of the key takeaways from one of the breakout sessions on Oracle Cloud HCM:

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Always Current
  • Modern User Experience
  • Access to complete and innovative solutions

Oracle Cloud Services:

HCM Processes:


Oracle HCM Key Stats:

  • 7,000+ HCM Cloud Customers
  • 75% Fortune 500
  • 10 releases in 4 years
  • 15 million Cloud subscribers

Some on-premise customers (EBS, PeopleSoft) are adopting a replacement strategy, while others doing a co-existence strategy.

Digital Transformation – Evolution of a Digital Culture

  • Literacy
  • Competence
  • Transformation

Key Principles of Digital Transformation

  • Personalized (it’s about ME)
  • Recommendations (system makes relevant suggestions)
  • Media (video content is much more likely to be consumed)
  • Community (you are part of a larger group)

This was followed by a detailed demo of the Oracle HCM Cloud solution, and how it supports the principles of Digital Transformation.

Summary: Oracle HCM is a modern end-to-end platform that supports a modern HR system for companies that are committed to Digital Transformation.

Learn More

Download one of our latest guides: The New CX Paradigm: Using Oracle Cloud to Compete When the Customer is King. This guide, you’ll get insights and information you can use to:

  • Build a customer experience plan to strengthen your brand with every customer interaction
  • Identify the services you’ll need to execute your plan
  • Make the case to investors, executives, and other decision-makers to gain support for new digital experience initiatives.

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