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Sponsored Social is All Grown Up

Sponsored Social is All Grown Up
Over the past few years, we have watched social advertising trying to find it’s feet. According to a recent study, social ads have moved out of the toddler phase and they are walking right onto the budget sheets¬†of traditional advertising.
52 percent of companies now have a stand-alone Sponsored Social budget for their brand and find Sponsored Social to be in the top three most effective marketing investments they make.

“We have created the Creator economy, a place where content has real power. Sponsored content has the ability to dramatically change the trajectory of conversations and sentiment for and about brands; we have the power to send products flying off of shelves.” – Ted Murphy, Chairman and CEO of IZEA

Social media marketers are finding sponsored social to be as effective as many traditional marketing approaches, including online display advertising, television commercials, and celebrity endorsements.
Other findings:

  • 54 percent of marketers feel better about sponsored social than they did a year ago
  • Marketers are willing to pay 2.1x premium to sponsored video and blog posts versus other forms of sponsored social
  • About 2 out of 5 consumers are seeing more sponsored social messages than one year ago
  • Sponsored social is perceivedby social media users to be equally or more effective than TV commercials and far exceeded banner and traditional print/radio ads in terms of effectiveness

Ahhh….sponsored social. You’ve grown up so fast.

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