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Survey Says: Patients Like Being Involved In Clinical Trials



Several months ago I posted Why Don’t I See Ads For Clinical Trials?, a piece in which I questioned just that. In a society where healthcare is always front and center, how is it that most of us are still unaware of our options when it comes to participating in clinical research? 

A new survey conducted by a handful of companies, including Quintiles and Eli Lilly, concluded that 95% of clinical trial participates were happy with the “quality of care” they received. The survey also suggested that 72% of patients would participate in a trial if, it were recommended by their physician.

With only 1% of the U.S. population participating in clinical trials, there is a clear need to make it easier for patients to find trials. If this survey holds merit, a better and more open dialogue between physicians and their patients could help improve enrollment, bringing new drugs and devices to market faster.

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