Perficient Consultant Finds Perfect Balance of Work, Family, and Passion for Running
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Perficient Consultant Finds Perfect Balance of Work, Family, and Passion for Running

Bert RodriguezOne way to break the ice with Bert Rodriguez: ask him about running.

“I can talk running all day long,” said the lead business consultant in Perficient’s Charlotte, North Carolina, office.

And, it seems, he could pound the pavement all day long, too. So far in 2015, Bert has run (and won) two 4-mile races, a 10K, a half marathon and more. His passion for racing is so strong that many of his fellow Charlotteans have taken notice.

Local blog Charlotte Five recently posted a profile on Bert in its Runner Spotlight section. The article, “If you lost a road race in Charlotte recently, it was probably to this guy,” chronicles his successes and secrets for winning.

Bert isn’t so wild about being in the spotlight, but he was happy to do the interview because the author, Elizabeth Foster, is a fellow runner.

“I guess I caught her attention because we had run many of the same races,” he said. “I am by no means the best runner in Charlotte, but I do race prolifically. Some of the elites that live here usually only race high-profile, high-dollar events outside of the city. So, by default, I end up doing well a lot of the time.”

“If people are curious about that, or about the guy that seemingly ‘wins everything’ (not true by the way), I don’t mind talking running.”

Most of Bert’s hard workouts are accomplished during the week in the pre-dawn hours, long before work hours begin. It’s the easiest time to meet up with his training partners and sneak out of the house and get back before his toddler and 6-month-old wake up.

Even so, Perficient’s commitment to a healthy work-life balance affords him ample quality time for both his family and his hobby.

The work-life balance here at Perficient is second to none in terms of my 11-year consulting career. It definitely helps.

Bert, who has worked at Perficient about 18 months, speaks highly of his experience.
“At Perficient, it seems like the right fit of super talented individuals producing a valuable product for clients, all while still being able to disconnect and engage in uninterrupted family time while away from work. It’s a recipe that is often sought but almost never mastered.”

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The picture above comes from a Charlotte Five video of Bert training. Watch here.

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