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Oracle’s Big Data Discovery in the Cloud

2015-10-25 19.24.45

Larry Ellison ends his welcome keynote at Oracle Open World on Sunday evening with Big Data. He announces 2 new cloud services from Oracle related to big data:

1. Big Data Preparation: A cloud product that serves to prepare, repair, enrich, govern and publish data before its ready for analysis. For instance if you are worried about duplicates in your data? This cloud service is for you.

2. Oracle Big data discovery and visualization in the cloud: In a nutshell, its like Tableau, but in the cloud. Use it to analyze both structured and unstructured data.

Larry ends by putting his glasses on and demoing the data visualization component. He drags a couple fields onto a chart to render a scatter graph and then narrows down the visualization by selecting results from the chart on the fly. He was able to locate the sales deal he worked on himself – a followup to a joke from earlier in his talk when he was demoing the new just-in-time learning feature in Oracle Sales Cloud. After his demotion to CTO he is now getting assigned more work and deals to follow up on himself!

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