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Oracle Product Announcements at OOW15

2015-10-25 18.09.00

In his welcome keynote on Sunday evening, Larry Ellison announces a set of new Oracle Products. The overall focus is the Cloud.

Here is a summary of the new product announcements:

1. 2 new oracle cloud apps: Manufacturing and E-commerce in the cloud

2. New tool to build apps and easily extend any Oracle SaaS application using drag-and-drop and point-and-click utilities to build apps that comform with the Oracle SaaS applications.

3. New mobile consumer-like cloud UI for oracle apps. In addition to increasing footprint and make more apps available, Oracle is focusing on making interfaces easier to use.

4. An integrated just-in-time learning system: This can be extended to customized learning that is specific to customers, such as videos on how to sell new product offerings by customers.

Here Larry demos the learning capability of the Oracle Sales Application. He jokes its so easy to use he can do it without his glasses. His learning video turns out to be on how Oracle HCM Cloud beats Workday in the competition. Oracle HCM cloud is “modern and fun to use” the learning video says.

5. New Database Cloud Features with v12.2:
– Version 12.2 of the Multitenant Database: Oracle is now offering cloud scalability with thousands of tenants in one database. The system becomes responsible for data privacy and data isolation.
– RAC (real application clusters) in the cloud
– More memory, more performance and more automation. This offers real time analytics with no impact on production leveraging the Active Data Guard. Oracle in memory is 2x faster than Hana on SAP benchmark.
– New features in Exadata: Exadata in memory and in-flash database multiplies effective columnar capacity by 10x and 100x. This makes analytics a lot faster.

6. Multitenancy java server which makes cost lower

7. Big Data: Data Preparation and Data Visualization in the Cloud.

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