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#OOW15 Session Recap: Oracle Policy Automation in 2 Minutes

KP OnCall_350Oracle Policy Automation in 2 minutes! No, that is not a teaser.

After watching a 2-minute demonstration of Oracle’s Policy Automation at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, it is clear that the potential of this tool is unlimited, and the impact on customer service is virtually unlimited.

With useful applications in everything from healthcare to telecom, the ability to custom develop policies for end users to help themselves determine their best course of action, in self-service, with a cloud-based rules engine, is exactly the kind of rapid digital transformation Perficient can help clients achieve in days, not months.

It took me longer to write this blog post than it did for the vice president of product development at Oracle develop and deploy a new policy in service cloud during an OpenWorld 2015 session with KP OnCall titled Get Going: Make Your Customer Service a Differentiator with Policy Automation.

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