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OOW 2015: Digital Experience and Engagement Roadmap

David Le Strat, Oracle’s Senior Direct of Product Management presented the strategy and roadmap for Oracle’s

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Perficient at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Digital Experience products including WebCenter, BPM and Oracle Documents Cloud Service, Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle Sites Cloud Service.  Oracle’s strategy starts with the digital experience, but also includes agility and engagement and finally operational capabilities.

Oracle shipped version 12.2.1 of their digital experience system recently that include new embeddable user experiences, portal composer for business users, A/B testing and analytics, and Oracle Marketing Cloud integrations.

They also have been working on hybrid cloud deployments for content management, application portability, and lift & shift of WebCenter and BPM to the cloud. This is available for all products including WebCenter Content, Portal, Sites and Capture.

Oracle sees that businesses have only automated 1-5% of their business processes using enterprise process capabilities.  That means 95% of business processes can still be automated and Oracle wants to provide line of business people the ability to automate them.  The Process Cloud Services is targeted toward these types of processes.

David walked through each of the areas of Oracle’s DX platforms to highlight what they are doing.  He talked about Marketing Journeys that people go through, the digital experiences they encounter and then the operational processes to complete the journey.

What’s new in WebCenter Portal 12c.

  • Responsive design is throughout the ui using Bootstrap themes.
  • There is a new portal composer that makes it easier to compose portal pages and wire components together.
  • New content management leveraging embedded ui from WebCenter Content with full access to ECM.

In Sites 12c:

  • Better personalization through composite visitor profiles that drive A/B testing and is exposed as a service
  • Marketing integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud, including BlueKai and Eloqua
  • Multi-variant testing with inline reporting and the ability to promote the winner.

Going forward Oracle is working on the following areas of Digital Experience:

  • Tighter integration between WebCenter Sites and Portal.
  • Using Elastic Search to replace search engine.
  • Performance analyzer to ensure high performance sites.
  • More integration with Marketing Cloud , including Maxymizer, Responsys and BlueKai
  • Docs Integration
  • Hybrid Solutions

For BPM, Oracle is focusing on a modern UI, hybrid cloud and infrastructure migration.

  • In the area of Modern Mobile UI:
    • OOTB Mobile Cloud Service Connectors
    • Modern admin UI
    • HTML5 BPM Composer
  • In the hybrid area:
    • DOCS cloud integration is key

Oracle is heavily investing in cloud services for improving the agility of delivering digital experience.  Since October 2014, Oracle has had 8 releases of these cloud services. These services include:

  • Documents Cloud Services
  • Process Cloud Services
  • Sites Cloud Services

Key investment areas for these services include richer document presentation, social platform and apis, real-time conversations, process integration, and mobile first sites.

Future items for the cloud services include:

  • Integrated suite of cloud services with an app switcher
  • Content analytics
  • Administration analytics
  • Integrated with business applications and socially enabling enterprise applications
  • 3rd Party webhook integrations
  • Application marketplace
  • Enhancements to enterprise content management along with managed file transfer

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