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Digital marketing done right in the age of the consumer at OOW15

Luci Rainey, VP at Comcast, spoke about digital marketing in our new age of consumerism. She started by talking about how even the best consumer companies stumble occasionally. Comcast has used Oracle Responsys for about three years and has a good story about how Responsys helps Comcast deliver to their customers.

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Perficient at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Comcast is on a journey to improve customer experience. Aligning business goals to customer needs can be challenging, but must be done improve the customer experience. Customer needs are the hard part of the equation because customers don’t always tell you straight out what they want.  We do know what they buy and we need to reinforce that purchase. We need to solve any problems they have. We need to educate the consumer on what else we can do for them.

Luci started small with Responsys and have increased the complexity over time. Originally they had to inventory all the emails they were sending out  and they found them to be very robotic, overly complex and inconsistent.  As they have implemented Responsys, the emails have become more human, simpler and unified.  This has taken a cross-functional effort along with a good dose of governance to manage the reuse of templates.  They are half way through their transition to this new style of communicating.

Comcast has an on-boarding program for new customers.  In the old way, they used one email for everyone and crammed a lot of information in the one email.  However customers weren’t really reading them or engaging.  They looked at what customers really wanted and Comcast focused on the top four or five drivers.   The results are a new program with a segmented experience and ongoing optimization of the content.  In one track where they are doing some advanced work, they are seeing high engagement. Some numbers:

  • 19% decrease in pre-install cancellations
  • 12% reduction in early churn
  • 100% increase in sticky behavior

The metrics are really important to show the return on investment to Comcast executives.

Another initiative for Comcast is driving X1 adoption for current customers.  X1 is a new operating system for their device.  The old approach wasn’t driving adoption or up selling of this new product.  They conducted two trials – one to drive customer retention of valuable customers and a second to up-sell existing customers.  For the first group, the new process resulted in 3x average open rates, 9x click through rates and 81% share of digital conversions.

In the second group, Luci implemented an automated email program that started with a broad based educational message and then retargeted a secondary email based on click engagement.  In the second touchpoint, the results were 45% average open rate, 50% click through and 2x digital conversion rate.

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