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Is IBM the right API management tool for you?


There are a lot of API management vendors in the marketplace. How do you know which one is right for you? If you’re considering IBM’s API management platform, here are a few indicators that it might be a good fit for your organization.

1. You’re an enterpriseCompany
IBM’s platform is ideal for enterprises with its massive scalability and comprehensive functionality. By focusing on key enterprise features, they tailor their solution to fit the unique needs of large organizations, like enabling integration with a wide range of platforms and powerful security. And in many large corporations, adoption of software, especially in an emerging space, is easier and faster with a big name like IBM (who also just happens to be a stand-out competitor in API management according to Forrester).


Hand2. Ease of use is a top priority
IBM’s API management interface has been rated highly for usability compared to other platforms. Their solution offers easy, flexible deployment options, with the ability to create, proxy, assemble, secure, and scale web APIs. IBM also recently added new features to simplify their portal and ticketing functionality if users do encounter issues.

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3. You use other IBM technologySoftware
If you currently use other IBM products, their API management platform is highly recommended for the smoothest, most streamlined integration. IBM does enable integration from a variety of platforms, but you’ll have a much faster ramp-up time for your API management program by keeping it in the IBM family.


Analytics4. You need advanced analytics on your API program
In the last year, IBM has significantly improved their analytics and portal features for their API management platform. With a new simplified model for lifecycle management, their offering beats out much of the competition in the API management landscape on analytics capabilities.


B2B5. You’re dealing with B2B APIs
With its SOAP API design and API plan configuration, IBM leads the pack in business-to-business API management. In their report evaluating vendors, Forrester noted that IBM had key “features to facilitate scenarios for B2B and multiple lines of business.” If you’re looking to expose APIs to other companies, IBM’s tool makes the process flexible and streamlined.


API management is a complicated space with a dynamic field of vendors. While a lot of factors go into deciding the API management tool for your company, enterprises looking for powerful B2B solutions, especially if they’re already using other IBM products, are the best fit for IBM’s API management solution.


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