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Your Intranet Is Not The Only One That Stinks



Last week, Perficient announced that it purchased Rise Foundation, a pre-configured and enhanced version of Microsoft SharePoint, from Blue Rooster. Rise Foundation provides companies with an intranet solution that has the look and feel users expect in today’s digital world. In addition to the impressive UI, the solution enables companies to be more productive in less time, thanks to the way it’s configured right out of the box. Companies simply get more bang for their buck with Rise Foundation. 

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Similar to other accelerators that Perficient offers, Rise Foundation increases the user adoption of SharePoint and shortens the implementation timeline.

Since employees are integral to the success of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and contract research organizations (CROs), and the competition for experienced human resources is fierce in our industry, it’s critical that we keep our employees happy. While it’s unlikely that someone would leave a company JUST because of its intranet/portal, I bet at one point or another, we’ve all felt disgruntled with it in some way. Negative experiences like that probably don’t push people out the door, but they also certainly don’t boost the confidence that employees have in their companies. Employees want to feel valued, and part of making them feel that way is giving them easy, useful, and efficient tools.

So, why not kick off their experience with your company on the right foot? Think about it: Where does a company send employees for onboarding, read about their benefits, or manage their paid time off (PTO)?

If you’re looking for a new intranet or to improve your company’s existing one, give us a shout. We’d be happy to share some of the awesome things we’ve done for companies like yours.

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