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Pushing Mobile with IBM Marketing Cloud

MObile push1

IBM Commerce and Silverpop launched a new product this year to the general public: The IBM Marketing Cloud. This flagship product alters the way organizations can engage with their customers and is built to personalize and automate engagements across all channels. One of the key components of the cloud is mobile which enables organizations to engage with customers in different varieties of mobile channels depending on the rapidly changing customer journey.  Since the beginning of the year, many improvements have been made to the cloud’s mobile capabilities and will only improve as IBM expands the breadth and depth of the product.

The IBM Marketing Cloud connects drives personalized mobile experiences to each individual customer interaction with the ability to connect the cloud to every customers’ mobile app. The cloud captures insights to real-time interactions that helps drive a higher app engagement, increase brand recognition and ultimately revenue growth.  Going above and beyond the typical mobile push notification, this solution combines mobile app data with rich and intricate consumer profile data that is already stored in the IBM Marketing cloud helping to deliver a complete personalized message. This solution allows organizations to have a significant advantage over their competitors with combining channel and/or behavior information with mobile app behaviors to enable targeting of consumers at the right time and place in the correct context. Instead of sending generic push notifications to every customer that walks through the door, this enables marketers to send unique coupon notifications to Customer 1 – this person is known to shop frequently at this location and online and is a loyalty member. This type of customer is more likely to purchase vs Customer 2 who doesn’t subscribe to emails, has not made a purchase within the store and is not a loyalty member.  Right context = HUGE difference!

As the IBM Marketing Cloud solution develops and improves we can expect to see a fall release that will consist of a vigorous set of mobile app push notification capabilities. Forrester Research reports that this capabilities will include the following:mobilepush2

Send engaging and targeted push notification campaigns to Android and IOS (including the Apple Watch) devices that leverage each customer’s unique profile data from all channels

Connect and combine mobile engagement data with existing customer profiles for segmentation, targeting and cross-channel analysis

Creation of cross-channel and multi-step automated campaigns and programs for customers at every state of the mobile app lifecycle

Measure how effective the performance of push notification campaigns at date, app and campaign levels

Achieve a truly closed loop marketing strategy across all channels with integration of push campaign response data, customer profile data and other channel interactions

Rich push and interactive notifications that can be accessed and stored via an In-App Inbox

Highly engaging In-App notifications that can be trigger based on real-time app interactions

In order to develop brand loyalty that is long term with one’s customers, we know that personalizing experiences and understanding one’s customers are the key to doing so. The IBM Marketing cloud solution is committed to helping organizations do this and create long term mobile roadmaps that will strengthen and enhance capabilities for these organizations to communicate and engage with their customers through mobile channels.

To learn more about how IBM and Perficient can help you develop engaging and successful mobile strategies, click here!


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