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AzureCon Recap: IoT Suite Now Available

IoT SuiteIn case you missed it, AzureCon, a one-day virtual conference, was held today. There were 4 keynote speeches from different VP’s at Microsoft and 55 break-out sessions on various Azure topics. A really great idea to do this all virtually and it lived up to the hype! There were a number of key announcements, new services, and updates presented today and I’ll be blogging on the key highlights all this week.
Azure IoT Suite Now Available!
Microsoft first teased the IoT Suite back in May at the Ignite Conference. Today we got our first glimpse at the actual solution. The Azure IoT Suite is a set of pre-configured Azure features and services which spans across PowerBI, HDInsight, Machine Learning, Storm, NoSQL, and many others. These services provide analytics, workflow automation, device connectivity, command and control, and dashboards for all your IoT needs.
L:ast week, I blogged about the IoT Starter Kit and IoT Core Preview. Combined with today’s announcement, Microsoft has now provided the full capability for your end-to-end IoT solution.
Microsoft feels there is a big opportunity in IoT, and I agree! Gartner has estimated there will be 25 Million connected “things” by 2020. And IDC has estimated the IoT market to be $1.7 Trillion by 2020. That’s a lot of room for growth of technology solutions to support those businesses.
Microsoft has a few investment principles for IoT:

  • The Internet of Things starts with your things
  • Provide connectivity to both existing and new devices
  • Facilitate new insights by harnessing the power of untapped data
  • Enable fast solution deployment

The Azure IoT Suite provides near-real-time information in an intuitive format that helps business leaders take action from insights. Microsoft’s advanced analytics with high-scale capabilities enables companies to easily process data—even when it comes from a variety of sources, including devices, line-of-business assets, sensors and other systems. Built-in rich dashboards and analytics tools provide access to the data and insights they need. User permissions can be set to control reporting and share information with the right people in the business to help it run more efficiently.
For more information on the IoT Suite, check out the links below. As always, contact us at Perficient with any questions and one of our 28 certified Azure consultants can help envision your cloud based IoT solution today!

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