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Transforming the Customer Experience is Crucial for B2B Growth

shutterstock_200139383_350_DTblogIn a recent blog post, Taylor Rhyne, wrote about how B2C marketing is more advanced in some ways over B2B marketing. On Tuesday, October 6, in a joint webinar with Perficient’s David Hess and Insite Software’s co-founder, Brian Strojny, you will have a chance to learn why customer experience management needs to be a keystone of your corporate strategy and learn the 6 key success factors that can help you transform the B2B customer experience, including: personalization, search, mobile, content, user experience and back-end processes.
User experience and customer experience are hot button topics these days. As a consumer, if you try to purchase a product or service and the process isn’t seamless, you likely won’t use that vendor again. There’s a reason I have an Amazon package show up at my door every day (even Sundays, much to my disbelief): I can’t find another company that provides me with the same experience.
While B2C companies have already realized the importance of a superior digital customer experience, that’s unfortunately not the case with most B2B companies. As Brian Strojny, co-founder of Insite Software, explained in a recent blog post, the passion for customer experience we encounter when using websites like Zappos, Hilton or United Airlines is happening far less frequently in B2B. Yet, we can all agree – digitally transforming the customer experience is critical to growth.
To read the full blog post click here, Drive Change & Digitally Transform Your B2B Customer Experience.

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Beth Martin

I work with our emerging solutions practices to ensure we have a powerful marketing strategy, value proposition and lead the go-to-market streams for the emerging partnerships within Perficient. With over 20 years in B2B marketing focusing on software & consulting , I help businesses optimize go-to-market activities including but not limited to strategic planning, messaging, advertising, collateral, events and content.

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