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What It’s Like to Work as a Google Search Appliance Architect

shutterstock_249853780_350Chad Johnson, a director in Perficient’s Denver office, recently launched a series on our Digital Tech blog that spotlights the work of some of our Google Search Appliance architects.
Chad has conducted Q&As with two GSA architects so far:

  • Shruti Sundaresh, who joined Chad in 2009 as a co-developer
  • Alok Gupta, who joined our Google practice in 2013

The interviews cover everything from their first projects to what they’re working on now and the technologies involved. They also talk about the skills they’ve found most useful to succeed as a GSA architect.

I’ve learned that every successful search implementation makes a significant difference in the lives of the users. Everyone uses search in one way or another in daily lives whether to look for information on the Internet or within an organization using enterprise search. And when you find things easily that you are looking for, it really helps and saves lot of time. – Alok Gupta, GSA Technical Architect at Perficient

Read Alok’s full interview here.

I think the ability to write clean, distilled code is always a plus. And the Socratic method of asking the ‘why’ questions to arrive at answers is a good rule of thumb to follow. – Shruti Sundaresh, GSA Technical Architect at Perficient

Read Shruti’s full interview here.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient here.
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Kristin Brashares

Kristin Brashares serves as Digital Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient and is a proud member of the Women in Tech ERG.

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