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GoPro Wins Service Cloud Surfboard Award at Dreamforce 2015

For the second year running, Salesforce has teamed up with its partners to recognize some amazing Service Cloud customers who have transformed their business with outstanding customer service. Salesforce received hundreds of customer nominations across 20 different Surfboard Award categories hunting for the “best-of-the-best” customer service solutions. Let’s just say we’re “totally stoked” to be a part of the great work GoPro is doing to enable a new kind of customer success with Salesforce, and it was an epic experience witnessing them receive a Service Cloud Surfboard Award at Dreamforce last week.


Helping Customers Be Heroes

GoPro is known for making the world’s most versatile high-definition cameras. GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others through incredible photos and videos. Watch the video below to learn more about GoPro’s roots as a startup company, and some adrenaline-pumping footage to give you a sense for the excitement and inspiration that fuels both product innovation and customer-obsession for the brand.

Helping GoPro Capture the Big Picture 

Sharing epic moments and amazing stories has always been part of GoPro’s DNA. Growing popularity and ambitious growth plans for the brand prompted a need to quickly scale the business. GoPro’s marketing prowess and innovative products also placed a heavy emphasis on measuring customer satisfaction. The company realized it needed to not only modernize its technology infrastructure, but also streamline business processes and consolidate knowledge bases to keep pace with active customers as they dream it, do it and capture it on video with their GoPro cameras.

GoPro receiving the Customer 360 Surfboard Award

GoPro receiving the Customer 360 Surfboard Award

GoPro’s NetSuite solution lacked the sophistication to effectively manage support processes and often resulted in system outages during high-volume contact center hours. Having a 360-degree view of customers was the first step for GoPro to scale the business, and a key measurement of success for delivering an exceptional customer service experience in today’s digital world. While investing in the right technology such as Service Cloud is important, it is also critical to develop a sound business process that fuels great customer service. Perficient cleansed and merged customer data to create a single view of customers. The Customer 360 solution has helped GoPro get a clearer picture of who their customers are, and drastically improves data quality by eliminating duplicate contact records that often ended up being created during the case creation process.

Knowledge managers and support agents often searched across multiple knowledge bases for articles and internal documents to help troubleshoot and resolve product support issues. Perficient implemented Salesforce Knowledge, along with a custom knowledge interface, designed to improve search functionality, response accuracy and email response times. Their new knowledge management strategy now powers self-service capabilities over on its Support Hub and helps GoPro leverage knowledge assets as a strategic weapon to enhance agent performance.

Creating a Totally Rad Service Experience 

The return merchandise authorization (RMA) process using the legacy support system was also cumbersome and inefficient for GoPro’s support team. Agents had to create multiple records in various systems to create a case, a RMA record, and a zero dollar sales order which often took 5-10 minutes with customers on the phone. Using Service Cloud as the single system of record, Perficient used Boomi to integrate NetSuite and reconfigure the creation of a RMA case cutting the support process down to 1-2 minutes leaving GoPro’s customers amped about their service experience.

As we enter a new era where connected products and devices rule our world, customers now expect service experiences that make it easy for them to access information faster and get in-context support anywhere. Service Cloud delivers fast, smart and personalized customer service giving GoPro a competitive advantage.

Helping GoPro Be a HERO

As Salesforce Fullforce Service Cloud Masters, Perficient realizes the ability to deliver innovative customer service experiences powered by Salesforce is a direct reflection on a totally rad brand like GoPro. We’re equally as passionate about helping our customers achieve a new kind of customer success, so seeing GoPro recognized as a Service Cloud innovator and world-class service provider at Dreamforce totally gave us an adrenaline rush to go be a HERO.


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