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Dreamforce 2015: Keynote The Future of Consumer Goods is 1-to-1


The first session I attended at Dreamforce 2015 dove straight into the nitty gritty on what’s happening and how Salesforce technology provides a personalized experience. This session focused on:

Unprecedented global competition, new consumer expectations & technological pressures are making personalized and proactive ecosystem engagement the most significant competitive advantage. Join us to hear from leading consumer goods brands discuss how they have taken the lead in reimagining engagement ground up with industry-specific solutions from Salesforce and see these solutions in action with live demos.

Tom Clysner of AB-InBen, Frederic Conde of Kellog, Adam Hanin of Salesforce, and Daan Santermans of AB-InBev spoke on the subject.

They started with a note that a new industrial revolution is happening and its about customers.

Key Quote: “Retail will change more in the next 3 years than it has in the last 50 years”

Some companies using Salesforce in Consumer Goods:

  • Cargill
  • Kellogs
  • Kraft
  • Nestle
  • L’Oreal
  • Sodxeo
  • Sysco
  • Aramark
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hershey’s


The personalization revolution in consumer goods has changed and is changing.

  1. Started with Bespoke – make individual stuff with ingredients at the purchase point
  2. Mass distribution
  3. Segmentation – different kinds of sodas. Diet drinks, etc.
  4. 1:1: back to personalized needs. Create a custom drink with flavor additives. If the app is on, they already know your preferences.

The personalization is now about connected. Distributors and retailers are connected. It’s everywhere, and the interaction is smart. That said, there are huge competitive forces coming into play with new brands, retail consolidation, and distributor mind share. The distributor’s power is growing, so Consumer Goods firms must take that into account.

The future of Consumer Goods is Precise Engagement. What does that mean?  They focus on distributor collarobarion, and creating journey’s for consumers.

The problem: All the investment in system of record. There’s a huge amount of money in systems focused on interal operations.

The initial answer: layer a system of engagement on top of all this. A salesperson can take an order through the system of engagement especially if the salesperson knows things like inventory.

What does Salesforce do? It drives Precision for Consumer Goods companies. Salesforce offers cloud-based apps all around the various systems of engagement. But not just that, the partner and services ecosystem along with industry specific solutions built into Salesforce bring additional value.


The solutions for Consumer Goods include:

  1. Key account management
  2. Retail execution
  3. Consumer engagement

Key Account Management

This is all about partnering with your distributors and planning executing and profiting together. Cue Frederico Conde of Kellog’s.

Kellogs is at a tipping point. They have a fully implemented ERP. They tried to gain efficiencies but to gain them, they needed a glue to bring a lot of users together (internal and external). They wanted to give a 360-degree view of the customer. With it, they can harmonize two distinct ERP implementations globally.

They implemented a 360-degree view for the order-to-cash process. When an order comes into the supply chain it’s handled by Salesforce. CSR use the tools to deal with discrepancies and errors. They can be pro-active in attacking the issues before customers complain.  They forecast an 85% return on investment which is an increase from 35%. The multi-platform solution now lets them view it anywhere and on mobile devices.

Thoughts on an account management solution: Have an open mind. Salesforce can be powerful in unlocking internal data not just external data.

Retail Execution

Its influence at scale with hyper-connected field reps. You want to enable your salespeople to be more effective at the sales. You should:

  • Engage smarter
  • Engage everywhere
  • Engage deeper

Demo: retail execution demo on Salesforce.

CoCo Planet needs help.

  • A lot of people think about paper based processes. It doesn’t have to be that way.
    • Will show account reviews, site visits, and digital order capture (internal and external)
  • Start in a tablet
    • See the core app of Salesforce 1
      • My CoCO Day shows a calendar, accounts to visit, and charts on quota and sales
      • The calendar is linked to all the account information
      • click and get a 360-degree view
      • See store visits, contacts, promotional activities, etc.
      • Also can see retail sales charts with industry data from third-party providers
        • showed two charts and see what they are using
  • Actual on site visit
    • All digital
    • easy-to-fill forms on things like fridge and shelf space
      • easily customizable forms
    • Showed off voice dictation instead of typing. Nice when you are on a tablet
    • The store visit can also be a wizard
    • Can take photos of the display or what they display should be
    • Now can hook to other systems like Augment to push a store display.  This 3D tool lets you show what the display should be and what size it should be. You can then pitch to the buying manager and have them buy it.
  • Capture an order
    • using the app, easy to capture an order
    • It’s more than just order taking. You can pitch new products
    • Used a cart approach to the sale
    • Everything in context since you were already looking at a client
    • Capture of an order is done in salesforce but can automatically be sent directly to the distributor as well.
  • Would love everyone to come see the full demo at the showcase

Daan Santermans of AB-InBev (Corona, and other brands)

We faced a number of issues in retail execution. We grew through acquisitions and had a different set of tools, somtimes very old tools. It didn’t support their needs.

In a year since buying Salesforce they implenented retail execution, trade promotion management, and other functions.

Pillar 1: sales rep optimization

  • Optimize time to sell
  • Reduct administraiton
  • Full customer visibility
  • Integrated marketing content
  • Showed screenshots of the store visit tool
    • for tablet and smartphone

Pillar 2: Multi-channel customer interaction

  • Full customer 360 view

Next: Televisit execution and customer engagement

Consumer Engagement

It’s about building a relationship with your consumers. Deliver mass personalization.

  1. Listen and learn everywhere
  2. Personalize for everyone
  3. Engage everywhere

Back to the Demo

  • One of the challenge is getting to know your end consumer
  • You want to take data the consumer gives you and augment it with external information
  • Meet Jason and Su. They are moving in together
    • Jason could care less
    • Sue wants to eat healthy
  • Jason goes shopping and participates in an SMS competition
    • now know his phone number and email adderss
    • Showed how to create an SMS message (part of a campaign)
  • Sue saw an ad on facebook
    • Sue downloads a CoCo Planet app
    • Can track what she looks at and allows a sample order
    • At that point, can get more information about her.
  • They do a joint shopping trip
    • Chance to form new habits in their new life together
    • Jason decides he’s going to cook Sue a meal with the new cocunut oil
      • friend has a nut allergy so he goes to the website
      • hits the help button (e.g. automatic case)
      • asks a question about nuts allergies with their product
        • capture more informaiton
      • Do a follow-up email
        • begin to associate his profile with the unknown consumer profile
  • Showed the new journey map and how to change interactions
  • Results: know all interactions
    • Created new profiles
    • Can use that data to drive new interactions

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