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Can Shazam’s Ex-CFO Help TrialReach Tune In To Patients?



Keith Lovell just left Shazam, the company behind the popular app that magically tells you the artist performing the song playing in the background at Cheesecake Factory. With almost a decade as the company’s CFO, he chose to join TrialReach, a technology company focused on helping patients find the clinical trials they’re eligible for, based on a series of questions. The company is currently focused on diabetes trials, but will expand to other medical conditions with time. 


Keith Lovell, Courtesy of

The life sciences industry has long needed new blood to help companies meet the digital expectations of today’s patients and consumers. With Lovell on the team, the future looks bright for TrialReach, continuing on its path to improving subject recruitment and, ultimately, public health.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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