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Matter Center for Office 365

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Conference is off to an exciting start! The Perficient team is in Las Vegas this week to present our solutions for the Legal industry including our partnership with Microsoft on the new Matter Center for Office 365.
Matter Center was built for Microsoft’s own Legal and Corporate Affairs group and will now be offered at no additional cost to Office 365 customers. The solution provides document management using SharePoint Online and Azure as its foundation. Integration to Outlook and Word come via Add-Ins enabling all the major user stories an attorney would expect. By virtue of being deployed to Office 365 other major benefits of the platform such as: mobility, security, compliance, search, external sharing and discovery can be realized.
Perficient has been working behind the scenes to deploy early versions of Matter Center and collect feedback from Law Firm customers. Our involvement builds upon our breadth and depth in SharePoint solutions, SharePoint-as-a-DMS and early experience with Office 365. All of which make Perficient a ‘go to’ partner for Matter Center.
In many ways Matter Center is a further extension of the patterns Microsoft is offering for Office 365 development. Rob Lefferts, Director of Program Management at Microsoft, presented at ILTA yesterday on this topic. In Perficient’s experience it’s a common misconception that Office 365 and SharePoint Online cannot be extended. In fact, the APIs have never been so rich, versatile and fresh.
The Office Patterns and Practices (PnP) group is a great starting point to help understand this very open, collaborative and progressive stance for the platform.
Matter Center will likely fulfill many of the requirements for a legal document management system out-of-the-box as well as offer new opportunities on the platform like Delve and the Office Graph. Where there are gaps we can rely on development against rich APIs to complete solutions in a supported fashion. Microsoft will even be releasing the source code on GitHub by the end of year.
If you are at the ILTA conference please do stop by the Perficient booth (#127).

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