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What’s Digital Transformation Got To Do With The 50+ Market?



There’s a lot of talk these days about digital transformation: changing the way companies interact with their constituents. In general, the movement has not focused on specific groups of people…until now. 

Recently, Pfizer, UnitedHealthcare, MedStar Health, Georgia Tech Research Institute, and AARP teamed up to learn how the economically-powerful 50-plus segment feels about technology, in order to improve products for mature users. The organizations took part in Project Catalyst, an initiative that “engages consumers in the innovation process by providing valuable feedback on product functionality and design – from the time users open the packaging and as they incorporate the technology into their daily lives.”

Project Catalyst’s first study focused on tracking common activities, including sleep. The findings were released several weeks ago in a report that companies can leverage as they develop new technology geared towards the 50-plus market, whether it’s a piece of hardware or a mobile app. In short, the research from this study indicated the ideal tracker for this audience would be informative, simple, accessible, invisible, targeted, and meaningfully engaging.

To view the report, click here.

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