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One Of My Favorite Skype For Business (Formerly, Lync) Features



Is she online yet? Is he free or in a meeting?

Ugh, how many times a day do you find yourself wondering whether your colleague is available for a chat?

Relax. And quit checking your instant messenger (IM) every five seconds. With Skype for Business (formerly, Microsoft Lync), your needs are met by one of my favorite features: Status Change Alerts. Simply right-click on a contact’s name and select Tag for Status Change Alerts in the drop-down. Tada! The next time they come online or drop offline, you’ll see a little pop-up. No more obsessively checking your IM window to see if they’re around. 

For life sciences companies, many of them which operate on a global scale, consistent, reliable, and fast communication is a vital part of doing business. This is why a unified communications (UC) system has become an industry standard.

If you’re seeking to implement Skype for Business as your UC solution, or if you are interested in migrating away from Microsoft Lync or Office Communicator, give us a shout.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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