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Google Search for Work 101: Guide to Security

Well, I am probably going to kick myself for trying to do this, but I have finally decided to write an overview of Google Search Appliance security.  I realize this is a bit like trying to write an article on how the Internet works – the topic is broad, it has been covered by many people before me, and there are countless angles from which I could approach the subject.
But alas, I keep getting asked the same questions:  How does the GSA implement security?  Does it rely on the security of the underlying content systems?  What is the difference between authentication and authorization?  How do I lookup what groups a user belongs to?  What if a user has different usernames for different applications?
Ok, I’m already getting sweaty palms.  I know how to answer all of these questions individually, but it’s going to take some creativity to cover all of them in one short article.  I will have to avoid going a mile deep – Google has already done that in their ‘must read’ white paper, Google Search Appliance: Security.  So, I will skip some admittedly interesting details in favor of telling an easier to understand story.  Sorry.  Something’s gotta give.
Fill out the form below to download the complete guide.  I hope you find it informative and useful.  (If the form doesn’t appear, you can go directly to the Download page here).

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Chad Johnson

Chad is a Principal of Search and Knowledge Discovery at Perficient. He was previously the Director of Perficient's national Google for Work practice.

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