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Irish Times Profiles Perficient Salesforce National Partner Executive Andrew O’Driscoll

Andrew_O'DriscollWhen The Irish Times contacted Andrew O’Driscoll from Perficient’s Salesforce practice to interview him about his technology career, he was both surprised and honored.
“Me? You want to highlight me?” the County Clare, Ireland, native thought. “I like to stay on the down low for the most part and let my actions do the talking, so this was somewhat out of character for me. I knew it would mean a lot to my mom and sister who live in Ireland.”
“I love to tell a story, so it was fun,” he added.
Business writer Charlie Taylor chronicled Andrew’s professional journey from college to becoming chief executive of his own technology consulting firm Clear Task. The profile covers all of the pivotal moments along the way, including Perficient’s acquisition of Clear Task in May 2013 and Andrew’s current role as National Partner Executive of Perficient’s Salesforce practice.
Andrew hopes The Irish Times article will serve as a source of inspiration for budding professionals.
“My story is not remarkable. It’s not TED Talks material, and many other people have bigger stories to tell. But I like that my story is accessible. I want people starting out in their own careers to say, ‘I can do that, too.’”

Read The Irish Times article here.


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