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The Future of Cloud Services with Hyperion Financial Management

When will we see a significant footprint established by Oracle in the Production-Server hosting realm for Cloud Services? Not anytime soon. However, Oracle, albeit recently, has realized the potential of an almost non-existent market in the Cloud Services division. The integration of Hyperion Financial Management on Cloud Services has the potential to become the next big market for Oracle.

More importantly, there is one main obstacle Oracle must overcome to tap into this goldmine, they must shift the view of cloud computing from complex and unclear to simple and transparent. The current lack of clarity and transparency with cloud computing has created an unstable and unreliable perception of Cloud Services. To change this business practice, Oracle should develop a system that will not only provide real-time processing speed but as well as live data integrity. This interface will serve as an ambassador to the stability of Cloud services and, over time, will change the perception of Cloud computing.

Lastly, with an ever-increasing demand for processing speed, network requests, coupled-with the soaring cost of on-site hosting, users will be forced to adopt cloud computing. Therefore, I propose for an integration of a highly-visible and transparent system designed to not only provide real-time processing speed but as well as live data integrity. This system will not only increase cloud-based footprint within EPM products but as well provide transparency and trust in the cloud computing environment.

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