Let Consumers Define the Experience You Provide

Lisa McMichael, Senior User Researcher out of our Atlanta office, wrote an excellent post on our Spark blog called, “CX and software – consumers lead the experience.”
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In it, she outlines a topic we’ve covered many times in this blog: “Consumers are now leading the experience they want to have.”
We are facing an “unprecedented opportunity to learn what attracts customers in the first place and how to satisfy them in the long term, and even retain them for life (i.e., lifetime value of a customer). But where do we start?”
Lisa suggests, via Roger Best’s book “Market-based Management”, that the best way to understand our customers, what they do and what they think they do, is to just go to them.
“It’s my belief that authentic learning about customers’ motivations, behaviors, desires and pain points is a matter of empathizing with them,” she says.
Lisa gives us two examples of companies who are doing just that:
Honda wanted to know what challenges their customers were facing. SO they sent a team into supermarket parking lots to film their customers loading groceries. Their engineers used these videos as a way to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, and they were able to adjust the design of their trunks to add value to the customer experience.
Procter & Gamble’s CEO, A.G. Lafley, says that the company’s number one job is putting the customer “at the center of everything we do.” He had P&G staff live with customers for a while to directly witness interactions with P&G products. It’s one way that P&G has seen a doubling in sales under Lafley’s reign as CEO.
Read the rest of Lisa’s post here.

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