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Find your healthcare providers easily with Google Search

Healthcare sites today all have “provider finders” and we rely on those those tools to help find specialists, surgeons, or doctors within our networks to maximize investment in our healthcare programs. Most of the provider search tools online are quite challenging to use and bring back so many options or irrelevant results…which is very frustrating.
This happened to me a few months ago on a Saturday morning. I had an non-life threatening but incredibly painful neck injury and knew that couldn’t wait until Monday for treatment. Before heading to the nearest hospital, I sat down at my desk trying search-after-search in order to find the closest emergency room (ER) that was “in-network”. This process took me more than 20 minutes to find and by the time I left to go,  I wasn’t even sure if all the doctors in the ER were “in-network!”  I simply went to the ER and hoped this one trip didn’t cause me to pay any out-of-network claims (I made that $1,500 mistake one time by going to the closest ER to my house.)shutterstock_37032580
Thinking back to that experience, I keep wondering…why was that search so hard and why can’t “they” make search simple? Well, “they” can and Perficient “did it.”
With the Google Search Provider Finder, you can securely search for providers with the utmost flexibility and convince of a search. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) engine powers the search functionality and wraps robust search capability for sites to use. I wish my provider network had this type of functionality because it would make my life — and everyone in their plans — happier and more satisfied. They would know if they were heading to an in-network or out-of-network facility within seconds, not 20 or 30 minutes later after a frustrating search online.
Why are provider networks using GSA to power their search?

  1. Your customers can quickly and easily search for affordable, in-network doctors before they receive service, from any device, at any time.
  2. The Find a Doctor solution is a market leader in the healthcare industry, providing a significantly better customer experience for all users.
  3. Find a doctor is augmented for “Know Your Network,” which allows members to see providers personalized to their specific network and provides cost estimates for procedures based on members’ current coverage and out of pocket/deductible progress.

If my provider had GSA powering their search, I could have very quickly and easily searched and found the information I needed and have gotten to the ER much sooner. To learn more about Perficient’s Provider Finder, contact us.

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