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What is the key to digital transformation?


In a recent IBM blog post, Brittany Haas discusses the key to driving digital transformation – Millennials. And when you think about it, it makes complete sense.  Millennials are the generation that have grown up in a completely digital world who don’t know what a suitcase phone is, a beeper or library card catalogs!  These new generations are completely digital which has definitely caused innovative and strategic business initiatives to occur every day.  As this new generation enters the workforce, it becomes imperative for organizations to keep track of their motivators, habits, behaviors, likes, dislikes, etc.

Here are a few cultural investments businesses need to make to equip, empower, and retain their millennials:

Inspiration – Inspiration in the workplace is a major component of millennial motivation. Some major questions you might find millennials asking ourselves include: Where are the leaders in this picture? Who is setting the pace? How does this impact the overarching goals of the business? Providing millennials with the tools to deepen their general understanding of business fundamentals is a quick way to inspire and educate.

Individualization – All in all, millennials mirror other generations in a desire to contribute purposefully, be recognized, and develop professionally. The truth is, we desire to be perceived simultaneously as a team player and an individual. Companies that successfully inspire millennials to cultivate their unique talents and gifts where they overlap with business outcomes keep employees incentivized and empower. Feeling like “just a number” is a no-go for millennial strivers.

Click here to read more of Brittany’s blog post.

Createing a successful digital transformation strategy can be complicated with the fast-paced and ever changing demands of customers and consumers. Knowing that millennials are an intricate piece to this digital time, evaluation of ones current organizational state and digital activities that will be the most beneficial to maximize business value. Perficient’s Digital transformation solutions help our customers deliver a better customer experience, respond to channels customer prefer, seamlessly and at the rate they expect.

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