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Liferay Partners with Dynatrace for Digital Performance Management

Last week, Liferay announced a Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay Portal.  Here’s the quote from an associated email they sent out.

With the Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay Portal, businesses can quickly leverage data and turn insights into action to improve digital user experiences based on important application performance indicators. Some of the benefits to Liferay customers include:

  • Build-to-build performance analysis, more frequent releases and quality improvements by removing the time needed to recreate issues from production.
  • Substantial boosts in efficiency, instant isolation of performance issues to the correct fault domains by tracking user visits across back-end tiers.
  • A full understanding of customers’ experiences, rapid response to issues, better equipped to improve critical business interests such as conversion rates and delivered brand value.

They also note that it will come preconfigured to work with Liferay.  For those of you who, like me, wonder what things like digital performance management, performance analysis, etc is, let me give you my take:
This particular tool is about application performance management. In other words, they take a look at how transactions in your site perform and then get enough information across different servers and technologies to help you figure out what really happened with a slow down or failed transaction. It can also help you figure out an issue without having to reproduce it in your non-prod environment.  Given that a portal is the front end to a lot of different people, content, transactions, and processes, a tool like this can come in handy.
Dynatrace also has user insight tools more related to the web analytics world.

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