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Self-Service Symptom Portal – Accurate. Convenient. Empowering.


As a millennial, I rely on Google for a lot of things. In fact, on a daily basis I bet I use Google an average of five times. Whether I am getting directions, looking up a phone number or just searching for an answer to a random question – Google allows me to be self-sufficient. I even have used Google to try to diagnose illness but have found it usually results in a misdiagnosis and more often than not a bout of anxiety because I always seem to find the “worst case” scenario diagnosis. I can remember when I was younger and my sister used Google to diagnose herself. I got home and she was curled up on the ottoman, confident that she had pancreatic cancer – thankfully it was not cancer! It was her appendix and she needed to have an appendectomy!

In my experience, using Google to self-diagnose isn’t a good idea. However, many of us like the idea of being self-sufficient when it comes to our health and wellness. To meet this need and to improve efficiencies, many healthcare organizations are implementing symptom-checker technology that allows patients to self-diagnose, and these appear to be much more functional and reliable than Dr. Google.

The Perficient member/patient “Self-Service Symptom Portal” allows patients outside the traditional medical setting to self-diagnose without having to wait on the phone to speak to a healthcare provider. This technology leverages the cloud and enhances the telemedicine experience by utilizing structured symptom questionnaires to guide the patient through a friendly and intuitive process. Not only does it allow you to be more self-sufficient, but it takes minutes to complete rather than hours. The data captured can then be leveraged to generate real-time, actionable information that is shared with healthcare providers.

The Self Service Symptom Portal is convenient and much more reliable than Dr. Google – and can reduce anxiety caused by miss-diagnosis.

Want to learn more about this innovative technology? You are in luck! The Self-Service Symptom Portal has been implemented at KP OnCall, the nation’s leading telehealth provider and they will be featured on an upcoming webinar, Leveraging Technology to Empower Patients and Reduce Healthcare Costs, July 14 at 1:00 PM CT. During the webinar, we will do a live demo and learn how KP OnCall is generating data-driven insights for improved care and freeing up their healthcare providers to work with those that need them most.

Register below. If you can’t attend in person we will send you the slides and the on-demand version at conclusion of the live event.

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Kate Tuttle

Kate Tuttle is a senior marketing professional with more than 13 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C environments. She has more than 7 years of healthcare industry experience and is passionate about technology and its impact on consumer experience.

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