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Fortune 500 Medical Device Companies

Fortune 500 Medical Device Companies


2015 marks the 61st release of the Fortune 500 list. And while many of the same companies continue to make their annual appearance, we do see new names added to the list and some removed. For example, Medtronic did not make this year’s list, since it recently moved its headquarters to Ireland (companies have to be based in the U.S. to make the list). 

According to Fortune, below are the medical device companies that made this year’s list. The companies are ranked by total annual revenue.

  • #134: Abbott Laboratories
  • #185: Baxter International
  • #300: Stryker
  • #338: Becton Dickinson
  • #378: Boston Scientific
  • #466: St. Jude Medical

To see this year’s Fortune 500 ranking in its entirety, click here.

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