Definite Scenarios to Consider Yammer (Workplace Social Media)

Are you unaware of what Yammer is? Are you unsure of why you should consider it? Here’s some insightful guidance:
What is Yammer?
“Yammer is a social network that’s entirely focused on your business (Brad Chacos, PC World).“ It is an easy to use platform for dynamic communication at all levels and facets of an organization. It exist to give everyone within the organization a relevant voice. Yammer is a collaboration tool that couples nicely with other Microsoft solutions and takes advantage of the various ways we communicate. Here are some plausible use cases:
yamRemote Employees (at home)
Technologies that enable people to work anywhere at any time are steadily becoming cheaper and easier to implement. The virtual workplace is becoming ever more common.
Many organizations struggle within a virtual environment not form the IT side, but rather from interpersonal and social struggles. Socializing within the workplace is how we identify who may be best to handle a special sort of task. Yammer can make this process faster. Imagine being able to ask everyone a question without waiting for a weekly meeting, playing phone tag, touring around the office in a disruptive way, and without sending distribution emails.
Before moving a segment of your business to work remotely, consider adding Yammer to your scope. Remote employees also include employees with a high travel rate.
Retail: A real world example
In this scenario Yammer was used for bottom-up communications. With certain information the Westfield team was able to make important real-time changes.

Business Development
The sales team is often the most mobile, energized, and social department. Yammer is a great place to share big wins, leads, and drive sales competition. Private or public groups can be created and later deleted. Within these groups, members can share files, ideas, presentations, or whatever their creativity desires. These groups have also been used to tighten B2B relationships. Furthermore it is a place to get information out without using a distribution group email.
ROI on Yammer may be challenging to quantify, but it is a tool worth considering. Like many business tools, you can mold Yammer to fit the unique needs of your organization.

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