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The Buzz from Kscope15: The Continuing Need for Experts

Source: Don McMillian

Source: Don McMillian

On Monday afternoon, comedian Don McMillian addressed the crowd of developers and other Oracle users at the 2015 Kscope conference. Focusing on technology’s extremes and absurdities (real or not) has become McMillian’s brand, as seen in this post from earlier this year. In personal communications, especially online, most people aren’t very concerned about sound grammar or correct spelling, because in those situations their friends might not care, as long as they understand the sender’s intention. The “anyone can do it” attitude has enabled low standards to prevail for most social media and text messages.

Then we look at the list of sessions from the same conference. The content includes best practices for budget planning and forecasting, data integration, and financial data quality management- all areas for which there is no room for error. In a session led by Perficient consultant Kirill Bannikov, the ODTUG members and other bannikov2
attendees learned about equity elimination practices via Oracle HFM. Follow up questions at the session and later in the exhibit hall included inquiries about training, certification, and the use of consultants to ensure proper processes are used to guarantee accurate results.

While the subject matter from the conference might be complex, the message for both users and vendors isn’t. While social media has enabled some amateur writers to be known and seen globally, when it comes to financial management, analytics, upgrades, and other mission-critical topics, most seasoned tech professionals still value and demand training and leadership from the experts. And they’re seeking it actively.

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