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Patient Education Can Give Pharma A Lift



If you really think about it, it’s quite astonishing that Viagra sales in 2014 grew 47% in China, a country in which discussing sexual health-related topics has long been considered taboo. So, what caused this surge in sales?

Yes, there has undoubtedly been a cultural shift in the region, as well as the overall growth of the economy. But, as a Bloomberg article points out, a significant contributor to this growth can be attributed to Pfizer’s patient education campaigns, which consisted of surveying thousands of people and turning the responses into a company-sponsored report. The maker of the famous “blue pill” also developed a mobile app geared towards men’s health. Pfizer estimates that its Viagra campaigns captured 9 billion media impressions.

It’s safe to say that multi-faceted patient education is essential to the success of drug sales, once they hit the market.

If you’re a life sciences company interested in creating a digital (e.g., website, mobile app, etc.) patient education campaign, contact us today.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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