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Leveraging Digital Experience and Marketing

When we talk about Omni-Channel Marketing, we want to integrate marketing automation tools – campaign management, segmentation, etc – with Digital Experience platforms.  IBM has a complete suite of tools in marketing automation, content analytics and digital experience.  In this session at the IBM Digital Experience Conference, Connie Triassi, Angela Caruso and Bryan Daniel talked about how IBM is integrating these various products to provide a complete Omni-Channel Marketing Ecosystem.

The team showed how using IBM products Campaign, Interact, IBM Marketing Cloud (Silverpop, Mobile Push Notification) and Tealeaf can be leveraged with IBM Digital Experience software to increase customer engagement, customer satisfaction & loyalty, and improve conversion rates.IBM Interact

In the demo, IBM used an example company called Greenwheels to highlight the marketing ecosystem. In the demo Heather uses Analytics and Digital Experience to see how the marketing site is performing.  Within Digital Experience, Heather can navigate to the page of interest and see the usage analytics in an overlay right on the page.  To dig deeper, Heather goes to her Digital Analytics system that is connected to her marketing site.

While Digital Analytics provides Heather with a quantitative look at the marketing site performance, she also used IBM Tealeaf to look at what various users were doing on the site and understand what they were viewing.

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After analyzing performance, the Marketing Team decides to run a campaign to target several customer segments and increase usage of the marketing site.  Here are the basic steps in the process:

  • First Heather creates a community using IBM Connections.
  • Marketing creates a real-time offer strategy using Interact
  • Heather will instrument the community page wit the offers
  • Marketing will then create an email campaign to drive customers to the community
  • Marketing then monitors the campaigns

To create the offers, Hetaher installs an IBM Interact Portlet on the community page.  This portlet presents the offers generated by Interact.  The portlet passes user information that Digital Experience knows and marries it with other data that Interact knows about the customer.  The personalized offer defined by marketing will then display in the portlet.

Using Interact, a marketer creates segments and associates offers to each segment.  They also creates triggers to tell interact when to execute an offer. Once the Interact portlet is connected to the offer, Digital Experience will then display the correct offer to the user based on the segmentation rules created in Interact.

Brian showed how to create an email campaign tied to the Digital Experience site.  Using Marketing Cloud (SilverPop), he created an email message.  Marketing Cloud integrates with Digital Experience so you can pick content created in WCM to be used in the email campaign.  Using information collected from Analytics, the Marketing Cloud will let you target specific users based on behavior on the marketing site.

Finally, when the targeted customer received the email and clicked on the offer, the analytics tracked the activity and the customer sees the right offer within Digital Experience.

Overall the demo showed good integration between the marketing automation and digital experience solutions.


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