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Digital Experience with WebSphere Commerce

This year during the Digital Experience Conference the integration scenarios of Commerce Server has been a hot topic. When integrating with Commerce there are 3 suggested scenarios.

Some advantages of utilizing Digital Experience for the Commerce server include:

  • Single environment to author all content for either Portal or Commerce sites.
  • Includes both e-spots and full pages of content.
  • Can implement content approval workflows in WCM
  • Security provided by WCM so can restrict content to certain users.
  • In general, WCS content editors like the WCM authoring environment better.


DX with WebSphere Commerce Integration Scenarios

Portal as the Front-end

Utilize portal to aggregate all your marketing and commerce content in the same environment.  Commerce provides example portlets that can deploy to your portal environment.

Commerce as the Front-end

Utilize the WCM API and REST services to server content to the Commerce environment.  WebSphere Commerce environment controls the full user experience.


End users are directed to the appropriate environment depending on the requested page.  Shared resources are requested between the environments via REST.


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