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Informatica makes Real-Time Integration a cinch for Salesforce


A colleague posted on the Saleforce blog recently a brief post exemplifying why Informatica is a leader in real-time data integration. He writes…

No secret or surprise that Informatica and Salesforce have been closely aligned and work very well together. Both are cloud solutions which free you from having to manage on-premise networks and access to your business. The ability to schedule jobs and easily identify the changes and connectors for all major data applications means that it is a great choice to use Informatica as the connection between Salesforce and your other applications.

But what are your options when a 5 minute schedule interval is not fast enough? For most other solutions you will need to build a call out to a custom service which you have to build, test and manage.

Informatica to the rescue with real time data integration services. The basic license  gives you access to the real-time integration functionality. This allows a no-code solution for running an Informatica task from a Salesforce Workflow.

To read the full post, click here.


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