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Can We Integrate Clinical And Safety Systems In The Cloud?



In our last “cloud fact or fiction” post, we discussed the ability to migrate clinical and pharmacovigilance data to the cloud. Let’s jump right in and talk about system integrations in the cloud.

Life Sciences - How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Clinical Data Review and Cleaning Process
How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Clinical Data Review and Cleaning Process

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Claim #7: Clinical trial software in the cloud cannot be integrated with other systems. 

Fact or fiction? Fiction.

Hosted clinical trial, data, and safety solutions can be integrated with other systems just like any in-house system. Hosting does not limit integration methods or types of systems.

Cloud system integrations can include:

  • Clinical Data Analytics
  • Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS)
  • Clinical Data Warehouses
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)
  • CRO systems
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Systems
  • Electronic document management systems (EDMS)
  • Financial systems
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS)
  • Investigator Portals
  • Safety and Pharmacovigilance Systems

Check back for our next “cloud fact or fiction” post when we discuss system administration in the cloud. To read past posts in this series, click here.

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With over 10 years of experience, Jothi Selvaraj is a solutions architect in Perficient’s life sciences practice. His expertise lies in the implementation and integration of Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (Siebel CTMS), as well as Perficient’s Siebel CTMS accelerator, ASCEND. Jothi has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bharathiyar University in India. Before joining Perficient (via the acquisition of BioPharm Systems), he worked at IBM, and Accenture. Jothi currently resides in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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