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Driving B2B Growth with Consumer-like Experiences Webinar

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
2:00PM EDT | 1:00PM CDT | 11:00AM PDT (1 Hour)
If you are looking to drive B2B growth with consumer-like experiences you don’t want to miss this Webinar in the Internet Retailer Webinar Series. The webinar is being sponsored by Perficient’s commerce platform partner Magento, and present by one of our clients, Brad Kuhns, Sr. Manager of eCommerce at Zoetis, along with Don David, Editor-in-Chief of Internet Retailer, and Andy Hoar, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, Inc.
The ongoing “consumerization of B2B” has long been the topic of many passionate conversations among B2B marketers, based on the fact that not all consumers are B2B buyers, but all B2B buyers are consumers. As B2B buyers become more empowered, they are demanding the same type of experience as B2C consumers: control, transparency, inventory visibility, product information, and convenience. The B2C customer experience has put tremendous pressure on B2B commerce, and buyers are no longer satisfied with fragmented experiences – they expect a buying experience as personalized, seamless, and efficient as those they enjoy on consumer sites.
Don’t miss this webinar to learn how B2B businesses are leveraging the lessons learned in B2C to drive more business online.
Andy Hoar, principal analyst with Forrester Research, Inc., will talk about recent trends and insights on the consumerization of B2B – with a discussion on best practices and approaches for how you can ensure that your B2B business is meeting the expectations of your customers – with Brad Kuhns, Sr. Manager of eCommerce of Zoetis.
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